Conference badges

Provide admittance to your trade show so companies or professionals can showcase their new products or services. Increase the exclusivity of specific events within the trade show by offering different trade show badges. Give your attendees a festival pass which allows them to go to a series of concerts, plays or movies.

A VIP pass is a common addition to festival events because it gives people the option have a better view or have special perks. Grant access to your fandom, profession or industry convention so individuals can meet to discuss or engage in a similar interest.

Conventions often have multiple badges to identify the different levels of access and privileges. Provide exclusive offers, discounts, rewards, points or access to your event or concert. Backstage passes allow attendees to be one of a select few to get behind the scenes to meet the cast or band.

Our highly-talented team of graphic designers can add special features to your plastic badges so they can not be replicated. Create eye-catching custom badges by using a custom shape, clear or frosted accents, personalization or multiple version printing. Personalize your custom event pass to your company or brand, so no one can reproduce or recreate your passes for security purposes.

This will also permit you to recognize your passes from afar. Eye-catching and professional event badges are our specialty, here's how a few of our recent customers are using their custom event pass they received from Plastic Printers in their business. Natalie uses multiple version printing to recognize the various people at her event. Her fair passes are color coded and labeled, so everyone in attendance knows who the staff, charter humanist and fair attendees are.

Erica's convention badges were strategically designed to be a marketing tool, access pass and informational guide. In order to get into the events listed on the back of the custom convention badges, attendees must wear it to all of the different locations.

Steve has multiple festival passes to identify the different levels of access, perks and privileges. It is very common to compliment your event pass with an access pass to increase the safety and security throughout the event.

Event ID Badge Templates

Jani created a functional and eye-catching conference badge for individuals to clip onto their lanyard. This ensures the badge is out of the participants way, so they can enjoy their day at the conference.

Design your badge to fulfill your needs. Plastic event badges can double as a marketing tool, access pass, id badge or informational guide. Incorporate a premium design to prevent the recreation of your special event pass and increase the security of your event.

Insert a lanyard hole or slit. This is a great way to display the pass and it is easy to identify your pass from afar. At Plastic Printers our goal is to create custom trade show badges and festival passes to help provide a once in a lifetime experience for your attendees. Some of our most popular features include clear cards, full color printing, die cut and personalization.

Personalize your custom convention badges, concert badges, fair passes and exhibitor badges so they increase security and are compatible with your event. Add the attendee's name, a barcode, the event date and time, your branding or an agenda to enhance your badge. Stand out with plastic event badges your event attendees will never forget!

Showcase your unique style by using partial satin options, colored accents or even a frosted printed image. Clear cards deliver impressions that last!

By utilizing our custom shapes, we can design a backstage pass, convention badge or show badges that leaves your customers with a lasting impression. Choose from shapes already available, or create one that's completely unique to you!Skip to main content Conference Badge Lanyards. Currently unavailable.

The product came on time and packaged neatly. The badges and lanyards themselves were very good quality and the markers worked well. My friends tested them out and loved them! A great item for business events. See All Buying Options. In Stock.

We purchased them for our students to use during field trips! They are great and sturdy. Add to cart. Very professional looking, sturdy and well made badge holders. About the same price as the more flimsy Avery badge holders but SO much nicer.

I recently bought of these for a conference and was very pleased with the product. It uses standard Avery 3x4 inserts I think these were a good buy. I wish the labels were on a sheet so I could print them using a printer. The soft neck lanyard is very comfortable I bought these for my staff after trying many cheap ones which kept breaking. Hands down this is a great product. The soft neck lanyard is very comfortable to wear.

Plastic sleeve made in thick material.

conference badges

It looks great and strong. Overall these are well worth extra few cents per item compared to the cheepy ones out there. I highly recommend this product to anyone. Ordered these for badges for a 62nd yes, 62nd class reunion. They're very sturdy, not flimsy at all, and I'm quite pleased with them.

It's a bit difficult opening each one at first, thus I held back on 5 stars, but not that difficult. I quickly got the hang of it. I also ordered lanyards to hold the badges. All in all, good choice.

conference badges

They worked really well for our meeting. These lanyards work perfectly for school. Great quality and the lanyards are exactly as they appear. I like having extras because the people are constantly using them. Well packed. The badge holders are easy to open and close.

Conference Nametags

The name badges fit inside very nicely. I subtracted 1 star because there is nothing included that says how to setup a program such as Word for printing, e.MakeBadge is a universal badge maker. It makes all sorts of badges free online and provides you with all accompanying options for badge making such as name badge templates, badge design, name badges personalization and badge printing.

Thus, you can generate badges from scratch and proceed to actual printing in less than 10 minutes while paying nothing for this!

Make an eye-catching re-usable or permanently named badges for your employee identification, conferences, meetings, corporate events, campaigns and area access. The extremely fast customization, full color, and printing feature.

All the popular badge sizes, layouts, and orientations are available. Start a new Name Badge design or customize any template. Absolutely for FREE. Personalized badges are rectangular ID cards that show your picture, basic info about you like first name, last name, company name, job title etc. Name badge is a general term for all minor types of badges.

To make your own badges, go to our free badge maker, select rectangular name badge template, add persons ID details and print as many id badges as you need. The badges serve to identify the owner personality. ID badges often work as passes to offices, events, conferences or limited access areas.

In fact, ID badges contain similar information as name badges. But ID badges may include more details about its owner, for example, signature, phone number or a barcode. Remember MakeBadge do not allow anyone to create fake ID cards for any purpose. Custom cards are modified name badge templates. Imagine, you download a name badge template and plan to make own badge.

Conference Name Badges Four Ways

How do you design a badge according to your company standards? Easily, with MakeBadge! Open our online badge maker, choose a name badge template, change usual settings so they meet your badge requirements and make personalized badges.

The final step is to print your custom badges on your own printer and distribute your name badges among employees, visitors or invitees. The badge template is the source for further custom name badge creation. At MakeBadge badge maker there are 2 basic types of name badge templates: button badge template and rectangular badge templates.

Both shapes of badges can be customized so they fit your company style. Visit MakeBadge home page and select badge template, try to resize your name badge, change badge color, add visual effect and content. The badges for employees are the most common type of name badges.

This Conference Badge Is a Computer

Each small business or a big company in an office building makes the company IDs or in other words employee badges. This kind of badges performs the role of ID badges for workers. The differences between company name badges content vary from one business to another. Even sometimes staff badges can be replaced by name tags. The named badges for Conferences are other popular items out of personalized IDs line. When you organize a big event with lots of speakers, guests of representatives, conference badges is what you can see on each person neck or clothes.

You can see conference badges at fairs, party conventions, political summits and so on and so forth. As usual, all-conference badges have identical design, photo, bio, and these badges are printed on high-quality paper. Conference name badge design is traditionally neutral and business focused. Moreover, the name badges like this may refer to the event organizer with a small logo, website address or contact phone number. The badges for visitors are issued to your business visitors, school visitors or even your event visitors.

Normally, visitor badges indicate that the person does not have full rights as the internal staff or his rights are limited by time or territory of access.Name badges are an essential part of conferences, larger meetingsā€”and sometimes even smaller meetings.

But when it comes down to it, name badges are pretty standard. You might have a go-to vendor where you get the basic lanyard-and-plastic-badge, or it might even be a last minute item to check off your event planning list. They have to wear those things everywhere, after all. The standard information to put on conference name badges is the attendee name and the company where they work.

Occasionally they also have one or two pieces of contact informationā€”such as a twitter handle, or short LinkedIn link.

While this is good and important, consider that the name badge is often one of the first things attendees look at when starting a conversation with someone. With this in mind, consider changing it up by adding additional or alternative information that might be helpful to attendees as they are networking. The best way to gather this information is through the registration form, or by sending out a pre-event survey closer to the day of the event.

For times when lead generation is a factor, high tech conference name badges are the obvious choice. RFID, barcodes, and QR codes have been used for years in name badges because they allow exhibitors to easily collect names, emails, and pertinent information. In addition, high tech name tags provide digital footprints that a planner can use to track attendee behavior. By using an event app or other dedicated technology, conference name badges create an additional layer of information. Planners can track which booths are most visited at an exhibition, for example, or help sponsors achieve better visibility by looking and analytics for what areas of the event is most frequented by attendees.

Consider using items or objects that can sort attendees at a glanceā€”color coding is especially helpful, and can help attendees find and connect with groups of interest. As a less expensive alternative, at a local marketing conference, planners allowed attendees to select different colored pins that could be added to lanyards given out at registration.

These pins were color-coded and had words to mark whether the attendee was a freelancer, worked in-house at an organization, or at an agency. This helped attendees pinpoint the type of marketer they were working with, and also allowed peers to quickly connect and network. Or, dispensing with the lanyards altogether, consider getting creative with conference name badges and using wrist bands instead. They are equally useful for attendee identification, can still be used with barcodes or RFID, and are convenient and difficult to lose.

If you do decide to use the traditional conference name badge, keep in mind these essential points. There are plenty of online resources with examples of beautifully designed name badges.The word is out. The guest list is set. The tickets are sold. Before the crowd arrives for your special event, make sure you have the custom event badges you need to match the excitement and elevate the experience.

Custom printed badges give off that VIP vibe, setting the tone for a memorable experience. O rganizing a business event? Heading out to a trade show? Setting up for a concert? Make sure everyone is organized, looking professional and in the right place with 4OVER4.

COM's event badges. You can feature a logo, scannable codes, custom graphics, or a photograph for identification. W ith 18pt Rigid Vinyl and 22pt Gloss Laminated paper types, standard sizes, and custom options, as well as rounded corners, our durable badges are what you need for a perfect presentation.

Our products are flush cut, meaning that the lamination goes right up to the edge without surpassing it. Choose lanyards in red, black and blueā€¦ and place an order! When you work with 4OVER4. COM, you get high-quality products at affordable prices. Treat your guests with top-of-the-line, custom conference badges and make people feel like valued VIPs.

They could be anything from jewelry to simple metal pieces. It was not until the 19th century that they became a popular element in uniforms of all kinds. And in the 20th century, with the rise of marketing and advertising, these elements were adopted by event planners to identify and distinguish staff members and attendees. But did you remember the last one you used? When you make the extra effort, guests notice. Here are a few tips to get the most out of these timeless event badges.

W hether you are planning a corporate event, a formal business meeting, or an exclusive fundraiser, 4OVER4.PCB badges have exploded in popularity in recent years. Today, nearly every modern consumer device wants to connect to the Internet for some reason. From your garage door opener to each individual smart bulb, the Internet of Things has arrived in full force.

As this was more of a software experiment, all of the hardware is off-the-shelf. The rest was just a matter of software. Once connected, the user is able to change the name that displays on the screen and the colors of the RGB LEDs through the cloud service.

Through the weekend Twitter has been a-titter with news coming out of Saintcon, the annual security conference in Provo, Utah. The full function of an Enigma machine is quite complexbut an individual device has three rotors with 26 teeth each one for each letter as well as a keypad for input and a character display to show each enciphered letter.

All in, the device includes LEDs! Combined with the unusually non-rectilinear shape of the badge and the Enigma-style Saintcon logo it makes for an attractive, cohesive look.

Blade Runner showed us a dystopian megatropolis vision of Los Angeles in the far-off future. What was a distant dream for the theater-goes is now our everyday. We know Los Angeles is not perpetually overcast, flying cars are not cruising those skies, and replicants are not hiding among the population. Orā€¦ are they? The LayerOne conference takes place in greater Los Angeles and this year it adopted a Blade Runner theme in honor of that landmark film.

My favorite part of the theme was the conference badge modeled after a Voight-Kampff machine. In the movies, replicants are tested by asking questions and monitoring their eyes for a reaction ā€” this badge has an optional eye-recognition camera to deliver this effect. The security conference LayerOne took place this past weekend in Pasadena, California. A schedule conflict meant most of our crew was at Hackaday Belgrade but I went to LayerOne to check it out as a first-time attendee.

It was a weekend full of deciphering an enigmatic badge, hands-on learning about physical security, admiring impressive demos, and building a crappy robot. Throw in two stages for talk, two workshop areas, the amazing hallwaycon and the best, most chill attendees you can imagine, and you have the ultimate hardware conference.

Join me after the break to learn what it took to make it all happen and see the time lapse of the final kitting process. We realized this on July 10th. That gave us barely more than two weeks to come up with an idea for a badge, design one, order all the parts, wait on a PCB order, and finally kit all the badges before lugging them out to DEF CON. Is this even possible? Surprisingly, yes. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies.

Learn more. Search Search for:.Conference badges can be of various sizes and forms. So our MakeBadge badge maker is ready to help you! To start working out your conference badges, just select a badge template and add design elements in the online mode. To sink into the process of creating name badges for conferences, you just have to open MakeBadge badge maker!

To speed up your work, we recommend you have a look at two ready templates. The only drawback of big conference badges isā€”they cost a bit more. But with MakeBadge online maker, it will cost nothing! Put the last name on the next line.

Make the first name the largest, the last name a bit smaller. Knowing conference participants Twitter IDs makes it easy to find out a lot about them and cultivates interaction via social media during and after the event. To customize style of a name badge for a conference, use the Design options above the template.

When you are ready, click the Print button or the Save button to upload your conference tags on to your computer. Remember, if you want to print full-color badges, you need a color printer. First, make a small number of sample prints and make sure that they look good in a folder or laminated.

Then print conference badges in bulk. See All the Free Badges. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

conference badges

This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Skip to content. To select a conference badge shape, use an appropriate icon in the Badge type section: Rectangular or Rounded.

Then set best conference badge size for your event by clicking the Badge Size link and selecting it from the drop-down menu. If you prefer standard name tags for conferences, then take into account such popular badge dimensions as 85 x 55 mm 3. To choose a name tag layout, click the Badge template link and select the most suitable placement of info and image right or left. If you plan to design your conference badges from scratch leave the template blank None link.

To print the full-color badges, click the Background Color option. A color palette window will open. Use your mouse and pick a right color for a conference tag. Try to keep your picture small, so MakeBadge badge maker can process it easily. MakeBadge enables you to change the font color, size and style any time. Print conference name tags When you are ready, click the Print button or the Save button to upload your conference tags on to your computer. Get conference name badges with MakeBadge now!

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