Coonhound puppies nc

Our Redbone Coonhound kennel is a multi-generation kennel my daughter Laurie has joined the team. She is co-owner and kennel manager. She takes care of puppy inquiries and sales as well as our older redbone coonhounds for sale. Thank you Jesus for her abounding love for redbone coon hounds and dedication to the breed. However they are not pictured below, these little red bone pups are sold because our puppies go so FAST!!

These little coonhound puppies have already been sold and have made it to their new homes. Our unique characteristics shine through every redbone coon hound pup we have for sale. So because of our redbone coonhound DNA your redbone coonhound pup will resemble these red bone puppies. We have seen so MANY happy faces. We offer top quality champion red bone coon hounds at stud, and redbone coonhound puppies for sale. Our redbones are bred to make their families happy no matter what road they take them down.

Companionship is what we take to be the most special of all the genetics of the Redbone. Each and every one of our litters are filled with pups that are very good natured and chevy 2500 fuse box diagram to look at. And we would like to thank everyone who has shown such a great interest our Redhot Redbone coonhound pups. Call Laurie Copeland for updated redbone puppies available… Call Ronnie if you want to talk coonhunting and coonhound training!

A Redbone puppy makes a perfect stay at home companion!Treeing Walker Coonhound is a strange name for a classic, American hunter. The three names of this dog breed indicate three distinct descriptions relating back to its origins. Thomas Walker was a Virginia dog breeder in the eighteenth century who was looking to create the perfect hunting companion by breeding the American and English Foxhounds.

The result is a dog breed superbly designed for hunting small game. Treeing Walker Coonhounds are uniquely versatile hunters as well, adept at hunting alone or as part of a pack or duo. One would be hard-pressed to find a dog more ecstatic about its designated purpose. The Walker simply loves to track, chase, and capture its targeted prey. Today, the Treeing Walker Coonhound is rarely employed for their intended purpose and they are not a very popular dog breed according to the AKC.

The American Kennel Club did not recognize the Treeing Walker Coonhound until and ranks them at out of in popularity.

coonhound puppies nc

Although they are not one of the more popular dog breeds, the characteristics of Walkers still make them delightful companions and members of a loving family. Walkers are often described as brave, tenacious, and loyal. This dog is not for everyone due to certain, particular demands of the breed. As long as they are properly stimulated, they make a great family pet because they are naturally friendly and easily trained. Walker Coonhounds get along well with other dogs and cats. They are protective and may not appreciate strangers who approach their family members.

This dog breed is also great with kids and is able to engage in non-aggressive play while soaking up affection. Walkers have a unique communication ability. As hunting assistants, they will emit different pitched barks to communicate different events.

Adopt Redbone Coonhound Dogs in North Carolina

They will make a howling sound when they are tracking and a choppy bark when they have treed their targeted prey. Overall, Walkers crave activity that is physically and mentally challenging. If a Treeing Walker Coonhound is bored or poorly exercised, they will develop mischievous and unhealthy habits like chewing, digging, and excessive barking. Overall, they are a moderately adaptable dog breed.

They should not be housed in an apartment or in a backyard for extended periods of time. They love attention and interaction with their humans and are also highly competitive. They respect and feel secure with routines. Thinking about what the Walker has been specifically bred to do will guide an understanding of their special needs. The Walker is a very sturdy dog breed with no predominate health issues. Their large, hound ears require extra attention, as they are susceptible to infection and parasites.

They may suffer from hip dysplasia, which is often attributed to their high level of activity. Other problems related to physical exertion should also be watched out for. The fact that a Treeing Walker Coonhound can be trained as an expert hunting companion attests to their intelligence and eagerness to please their owners. However, they possess an innate willfulness that is as strong as their hunting drive, which may make training difficult for novice dog owners.

Walkers need firm but not heavy-handed and consistent training in order to behave properly and respond faithfully to commands.We are a small family owned and operated breeding kennel located in Granville County, North Carolina. Visitors are welcome to our home by appointment.

In order to achieve a healthy and genetically diverse kennel of breeding stock, we have spent the past six years traveling to Europe and establishing relationships with top-quality, ethical breeders in Poland, France, Latvia, Finland, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Russia.

Unable to locate. Within minutes, Maggie successfully located items my brother lost as he searched for a way home. Maggie never wavered as she followed his footprints up the steep canyon sides. Within an hour we located him and his dog. Upon returning to North Carolina inI began seriously training Maggie for wounded game tracking. In we began advertising our free tracking service to local hunters. In Junewe made the difficult decision to retire from breeding Black and Tan Coonhounds to focus our full energies on these three European tracking breeds: Bavarian Mountain Scent Hounds, Porcelaine Hounds and Hanoverian Scenthounds.

While the Black and Tans were the breed that got us into hound breeding in and we will always love this breed, we are excited about being the only kennel in the United States now specializing in this trio of unique and exciting European scent hounds.

Email us at oakhilldogs gmail. Send Us a quick message. Last Name.Redbone Coonhound puppies for sale. List a Pet. Dog Breeds. For Adoption. For Sale. For Sale For Adoption. Raleigh, NC change. Redbone Coonhound puppies for sale Select a Breed. Search Location: Raleigh, NC change. Displaying: 1 - 25 of Only FOUR pups left from a litter of eight. Welped May thirty one. Pups are up to date on shots and deworming.


Redbone Coonhounds For sale miles. I have Five Six weeks old puppy left they have been dewormed twice already and have had the first set of shots. Mother is on the place and the fathe….

Redbone pups miles. I have a beautiful litter of Redbone pups for sale out of treeing coonhound parents. Pups will be ready to go in March They will have had their fir…. We have three males and one female. Sire and Dam are Grand night Campanions. Pick up only Northeast Tennessee. Born June tenth. Redbone Coonhound pups with Champion Bloodlines I have Two litters at this time. Parents are top hunting dogs. They are UKC Reg, and up tp date on shot….

Meschelyns Cocke County Bella I'm in Newport,Tn. If your looking for great pups then i have what your looking for. Pups are ready now.Finn was pulled from the shelter by Freedom Bridge Animal Rescue. He was emaciated and withdrawn. Likely a hunting. More than anything, Marty wants someone to love him.

We don't know what his past was like but we do know he ended. This handsome boy has startlingly beautiful blue eyes, is more solidly built and muscular at 63 lbs than his short. River was rescued by Freedom Bridge Animal Rescue with her 7 puppies. She is scheduled to be altered Sept. Chase turned 1 in June. He's great with kids of all ages dogs and even loves cats.

We are no longer able to care. Maddie is a sweet loving dog. She loves to run and play. She loves attention and treats. She needs somewhere she. Handsome Henry is a very very easy going, laid back, quiet walker who loves to be close, needs another dog in the.

Sammie Hound Mix Birthdate: Sammie is a bouncy loving boy. He has undergone balloon heart surgery for a.

Back to Photo. This map shows how many Treeing Walker Coonhound Dogs are posted in other states. Click on a number to view those needing rescue in that state. Recent Adoptions.First litter is sired by Jocko's Ghost, our all blue stud dog that has been sire to some really nice large heavy headed pups with both color and huge voice to spare.

Blue Sky is the female we bred Jocko with.

Conner Kennels - North Carolina Redbone Coonhound Breeders

Blue Sky is a hard treeing slobber mouth tree dog. We have both male and female available from Jocko's litter. The second litter is from Carbide he was bred to dark Sky. She is DJ's sister. We have a pair of males from this cross.

We have three stud hounds that we offer for breeding, and will also ship their semen to our buyers. Backed by seven generations of show dog champions, the pedigree of our dogs is unbeatable.

coonhound puppies nc

We also raise puppies off of our stud dogs and sell them to customers across the country. Puppies are due in the spring. We currently have several pregnant females. One is due this week and others will follow. Please text the kennel for current prices. Welcome to Blackjack Blue Tick Kennel. Owned and operated by James Crosier, we specialize in breeding, raising, and training Championship quality coon dogs. We are located on 10 acres, just outside of Greenville, North Carolina.

Our property includes a first-class dog run and kennel, as well as plenty of area for training in the low grounds full of old timber and coon! We have been raising blue tick hounds sincewe have three stud hounds to breed. We have semen that we can ship out. We have seven generations of dogs that have been titled.

Adopt Treeing Walker Coonhound Dogs in North Carolina

We have female dogs, we raise puppies off the stud dogs to sell across the country. We go to coon hunt competitions to compete and we have been successful for titles such as champion, grand champions, and some of our dogs have had success in the arenas. We are a definitely a family operated business. We are a three generation kennel and we have had the same line of dogs since and selectively breeding these dogs to breed newer blood lines as it was available.

Carbide is also out of Smokin blue Jake; this cross was made 2 years ago and several have made fantastic competition dogs, both night hunts and bench shows!! Several are booked already. These will be born in 55 days. To reserve a pup text the kennel phone This is the list we use to pick pups from.

First text gets first pick, etc For more info please write or call for more information blackjackbluetickkennel yahoo. Blackjack Blue Tick Kennels proudly announces we have 2 litters of pups available for pick up immediately! Award-Winning Dogs We have three stud hounds that we offer for breeding, and will also ship their semen to our buyers.

Anyone interested in booking one of these puppies, please text me at This is required prior to scheduling one on one meetings with dogs. The contract is not active until the adoption is finalized. Adopters must be at least 21 years old or older. We have a few transport companies that we use and recommend.

We cannot hold dogs for an extended period of time so we do ask that all efforts are made to have transport arranged as quickly as possible. Because we are a foster based organization, space is always critical and other hounds are always in need. Adopters are responsible for all transport costs in addition to our adoption fee. Transport costs are typically paid directly to the transport company. All adoption fees must be paid prior to the dog leaving our care.

Our Responsibility to the dogs We have close relationships with all of our foster families and we know our dogs well. We do not require fences for all of our dogs, but we do highly recommend physical fences for all hounds. We also adopt hounds to families who live in apartments on a case by case basis. Some hounds do perfectly well, others will be miserable. Please be open and honest in your application so we can do our best to set both your family and your adopted dog up for success!

After Adoption: We are here for you and your adopted dog for the life of that dog. We never want our adopters to feel lost or unsure of what to do next, especially when there are unforeseen training difficulties.

coonhound puppies nc

As mentioned before, we do our best to place dogs with families that are a good fit, but sometimes different environments can cause different behavior challenges to arise. Please don't hesitate to contact us in these situations. We want to help and we want to do it before these behaviors become bad habits.

If at any time your adopted dog displays behavior that you don't believe is normal, contact us immediately. We will always do our best to take dogs back should there be reason that the dog needs to be returned to rescue, but please consider that returning a dog means that another dog that is at risk of euthanasia in a shelter may not get a second chance. All we ask is that you make every effort to retain your dog.

We want to make sure that any dog that has been through our organization is never in a risky situation again, so please contact us for options before giving your adopted dog up.

Adoption Requirements: Adoption Application and contract.

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