Dan wesson 12 inch barrel

I have an 8 inch heavy vented barrel on a and find it a bit more difficult to hand hold than the easy and ubiquitous 6 incher. Are these barrels hand hold able accurate or are they designed more for a good old sandbag rest?

There were other strange positions involving body parts to steady the barrel. The longer the barrel generally the greater the bullet speed. It is also fun to show off at the range. Finally got a VH12; looking forward to trying it out soon. Register Log In. Search Forum Scope Current forum All forums. Match Match any word Match all words Match phrase. Forum Options Posts only Topic titles only Posts and topic titles. Minimum search word length is 3 characters - maximum search word length is 84 characters.

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Newest Members:. Administrators: Jody.Order by:. Available to:. Dan Wesson 4. All Ace Case holsters have an outer layer of Cordura ballistic nylon and the inside has a vinyl vapor barrier to keep moisture off of your gun Inner Stitched with strong bonded nylon and double stitched at pressure points.

Edges are turned under to prevent fraying. All velcro is hidden by webbing to prevent foreign debris.

Dan Wesson Signature Series 8-inch Revolver

This listing is for a brand new Ace Case holster. It comes set-up from the factory for right-handed use; however. It is an ambidextrous holster and is easily switched over for left-handed use. This belt and clip design is great as it allows you to choose how you want to attach the holster to your pants.

Dan Wesson Brings Back Its Legendary Switch-Barrel Revolver

You may use the metal clip or you may run your belt through the heavy-duty belt loop for an even more secure attatchment. When running your belt through the incorporated belt loop, you may either leave or remove the metal clip from the holster. With it's adjustable spring-action thumb break for quick released. It's the best in its class!

This holster is compatible with the following models. As well as most 3. Dan Wesson Firearms Brochure. It's consists of one 17x11sheet folded in half to 8. Not dated, but I believe it's from the 70's or early 80's. Excellent condition. See our other auctions for more vintage firearms catalogs and brochures. Please read our policies below before bidding.

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But if your purchase shows significant signs of wear or use that weren't described in our auction, please contact us. FREE scheduling. Supersized images and templates.The rifled barrel ASG Dan Wesson shown comes with one speed loader and six pellet cartridges, the BB model comes with six front-loading shells. Over the last four years I have done several BBs vs.

Pellets reviews, but it has been rare that I have been able to make that comparison with identical guns like the ASG Dan Wesson Model snub nose revolvers. This is that totally level playing field you look for when making comparisons, so this is really going to be about what you gain and what you sacrifice between round steel balls and cast lead or alloy pellets in downrange speed and accuracy, as well as the possibility to extend the effective range of the pistol with a higher velocity round.

This has been proven several times with CO2 pellet and BB pistols maintaining comparable accuracy out beyond 10 meters. Using the speed loader and an extra set of cartridges does make it a more realistic experience, though. For training, the ASG Dan Wesson is an excellent surrogate for a real large caliber, medium to large frame snub nose revolver, with a carry weight of 2 pounds, 3 ounces emptyand a realistically hefty double action trigger pull of Loading the Dan Wesson is identical to the real Model with a downward pull on the crane-mounted cylinder latch and a press of the cylinder from the opposite side.

The pellet loading cartridges can either be dumped for a quick reload with the 6-round speed loader, or you can reload them individually while still in the cylinder, since the 4. For a more interesting size comparison, the. It has the smaller wood grips offered on that model, compared to the larger Python-style grips used on 4-inch and longer barrel length Diamondbacks.

While the grips on this snub nose wheelgun are fairly large, but virtually identical to the. Some of you will be as well.

dan wesson 12 inch barrel

Six come with the gun along with a speed loader and another 25 shells can be purchased from Pyramyd Air, as can extra speed loaders.

This newer pellet cartridge from ASG is a more efficient design, whereas earlier Dan Wesson pellet models used a two-piece pellet round with the pellet loading inside a threaded bullet, screwed to the cartridge. While these look more realistic, they are far more time consuming to reload. The original pellet revolver test was shot using Meisterkugeln lead wadcutters and Sig Sauer alloy wadcutters. For my original velocity tests of the Model pellet-cartridge version, I fired two different brands of pellets, RWS Meisterkugeln Professional Line 7.

The Meisterkugeln 7. The one certain advantage the rifled barrel pellet model will have over the smoothbore BB version is the ability to shoot tighter groups at 10 meters with either lead or alloy pellets.

Ah, but there is a silver or make that nickel lining for the BB model, which can shoot just about any.What does the DW braintrust think is a value for this package? Seller says really nice condition, not fired a lot. Includes barrel wrench, feeler gauge and original box for barrel.

Dan Wesson TCP and ECP 9mm 1911s - Guns \u0026 Gear S11

Hmmm might have to check out this revolver…. This is a vented shroud? Is this rarer than the VH shrouds I wonder? Blued vs SS? I do know that they did not produce them in stainless though. Register Log In. Search Forum Scope Current forum All forums. Match Match any word Match all words Match phrase. Forum Options Posts only Topic titles only Posts and topic titles.

Minimum search word length is 3 characters - maximum search word length is 84 characters. Login name. Home Forum Revolvers Model 15 with 12 inch and 8 inch ba…. Model 15 with 12 inch and 8 inch barrel value?

Member Since: August 8, Member Since: February 16, Member Since: February 22, Jerry 4 Dans and counting Ohhh good to know! Thanks stinger! Member Since: January 7, I did! I ended up selling the barrel separately. Most Users Ever Online: Currently Online: DA Currently Browsing this Page: 1 Guest s. Top Posters:. Newest Members:. Administrators: Jody.As it celebrates its 50th anniversary, Dan Wesson brings back its legendary switch-barrel revolver.

From until the early s, Daniel B. Wesson—great grandson of the Daniel B. And under the younger D. So, inWesson walked out the doors of the corporation his grandfather helped build, intent on starting his own firearms manufacturing company. That new company, which would become known as Dan Wesson Firearms, began in Wesson approached Karl R.

Dan Wesson knew about the design—a modular revolver that allowed the shooter to quickly and efficiently switch barrel lengths—and he wanted Lewis to take the concept forward under the Dan Wesson name. They came with a feeler gauge that allowed owners to quickly determine the proper cylinder gap each time they swapped barrels. The early models had a rather offbeat, some would say ugly, look. The primary sticking point was the barrel nut that extended beyond the shroud.

In the Model 14 fixed sight and Model 15 adjustable sight Dan Wesson revolvers were released, and they had a more contemporary look, including a recessed barrel nut. The Model 15, in particular, would become the flagship Dan Wesson switch-barrel revolver.

The brand grew in popularity during the s. Production facilities were moved from Monson to Palmer, Massachusetts, but financial woes and outdated equipment led to production issues. Serva spent a great deal of time and effort rejuvenating the brand. The new gun retains many of the same features of the Model 15, most notably the switch-barrel design.

To install one of the included barrels, the barrel tube is screwed into the frame, and a feeler gauge is used to determine the proper cylinder gap. Once the barrel tube is in place, a stainless barrel shroud of the same length is fitted into the frame over the barrel and in line with a guide pin that extends from the lower front portion of the frame. A barrel nut is then tightened into place and the gun is ready to fire.With the looks and controls of thethe grip angle and ergonomics of the CZ 75 and a bunch of innovative features, the new double-stack Dan Wesson DWX pistol is available in 9MM or.

Common features include the crisp single-action fire control group of the Dan Wessonlocked breech barrel system, CZ-style takedown via the slide stop, front fiber optic sight, elevation adjustable rear sight, ambidextrous thumb safety, steel frame and slide with Dan Wesson Duty Finish, bushingless 5-inch barrel, red aluminum grip panels, magwell and flat-faced K-style trigger, sharp checkering on the front strap and main spring housing, 7-slot Pictinny rail machined into the dust cover, flat serrated top rib, front and rear slide grasping grooves and serrated flat-top Commander hammer.

A 4-inch 9mm Compact with Tritium front night sight is also offered at the same price.

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Contact Dan Wesson Firearms; Tel. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery.

dan wesson 12 inch barrel

Recover your password. Get help. On Target Magazine. Heritage Rough Rider Rancher Carbine. Boyds Spike Camp Gunstock. CCI MeatEater. Ruger Wrangler. IWI Zion Carbine. Leupold Performance Eyewear. Apr 7, On Target Privacy Policy.Dan Wesson had a better idea. He should have good ideas after all he was the great-grandson of D. By Wesson was named plant superintendent and things look very good.

This was soon to change. In Wesson had also formed his own company which was a tool and die company. Wesson became Dan Wesson Arms.

dan wesson 12 inch barrel

Anti-gun hysteria was at a peak during those years resulting in the Gun Control Act of Two years later Dan Wesson Arms introduced their first revolver, the Model 12 chambered in.

That first Dan Wesson had several radical ideas never offered before. There was no grip frame but rather a stud to which wraparound one-piece grips bolted on from the bottom. Removing and installing barrels had always been a gunsmithing proposition until Dan Wesson's first sixgun. The original idea was to be able to offer multiple guns for the price of one gun plus extra cylinders and barrels.

This would avoid the hassle in many areas when it came to buying firearms. With one Dan Wesson main frame extra cylinders and barrels could be used to come up with different calibers without the hassle of limiting legislation.

The extra cylinder idea was dropped because of the possibility of shooters matching up the wrong barrel and cylinder. To be able to offer interchangeable barrels, it was necessary to have a system that allowed the shooter to change barrels in the field, anyone who has ever tried to change a revolver barrel knows how much of an impossibility this can be.

If the barrel is loose enough to be easily changed, it can rotate and loosen as it is shot. No vise was needed; no special tools except the wrench to both loosen and tighten the barrel nut. The whole idea was absolutely ingenious and is a fitting tribute to the great-grandson of the first Dan Wesson.

That first. By Wesson came up with an idea to conceal the barrel nut in the end in the shroud and the grips became more pleasingly shaped as new models were introduced.

In fact in the s, for my hands at least, Dan Wesson was offering the best factory grips never found on a factory double action handgun.

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