Fanatec dd1 iracing settings

Comments 29 June In Hardware. In a very informative 30min video he checks out the build quality, features, and software of the product, and shares his personal tips and thoughts. The orders will be shipped on After having managed a few leagues, i decided to start a website that covered news and interesting topics within the Sim Racing scene.

While it started out as a little and modest project, bsimracing. Did you find or created a fabulous video or Sim Racing related screenshot. Or even if you want to write a full blown article you want to see published.

iRacing optimal wheel settings

If so, let us know. We cant guaranty that every submission will be published, but when on topic, we will certainly try our best to get your story out there. Contact us here. With the growing success of the website and the ever-growing traffic that comes with it, also monthly costs increase. Because Bsimracing is a passion-driven hobby website and is not targeted as a commercial project, I have to rely on donations and support to keep this site alive.

fanatec dd1 iracing settings

If you are interested in becoming a partner, or when you feel bsimracing could be beneficial to your product, event or brand, feel free to Contact us here. Very weak torque ripple ensures minimal mechanical resistance and the same smooth driving experience as in a real car A wireless data and power supply to the Fanatec Wheels allow unrestricted steering wheel rotation. Integrated OLED display, resolution 2. Improved Fanatec tuning menu Supports the adjustment of the grinding point of the clutch clutch bite-point mode Integrated electronics directly in the housing, no external control box necessary The integrated electronics and the highest quality of the components ensure low latency, as the Force Feedback is immediately transmitted by the racing simulations.

Thus, we ensure that this product does not interfere with other electronic devices. Firmware can be easily upgraded for additional new features. Share this:. Related Acticle. Fanatec Clubsport V2. Fanatec Customisable Button Caps Available. About Us bsimracing originated out of a long term passion for Motorsports and Virtual racing. Bsimracing is powered by:.

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Motorsports insider Nathan Brown discusses the new schedule for the IndyCar season. Indianapolis Star. But the sport's new iteration on the iRacing circuit, starting with Saturday's competition that kicks off a series of six simulated races, will truly put investment and preparation in the spotlight. Some were able to borrow the simulator of a friend or even another team, while others have been building theirs last-minute or are even still waiting for their final packages to be delivered.

The latest IndyCar news:. According to a source, IndyCar offered to provide a wheel and set of pedals for any driver in the paddock wanting to compete in this series of races, leaving just a handful of other logistics to line up, though that was made difficult with stores closing and online purchase delivery times extending dramatically.

Flat out with DiRTRally Staying busy at home! This bad boy is gonna be working overtime over the next couple of months Finally got up and operational early this AM! Been running lots of laps today trying to understand this system and keep up with the quick guys!

Tune in on IndyCar and my accounts tomorrow for all the action. Email IndyStar motor sports reporter Nathan Brown at nlbrown gannett.

fanatec dd1 iracing settings

Share This Story! Post to Facebook. Check out this story on IndyStar. Cancel Send. Nathan BrownIndianapolis Star Published a.

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fanatec dd1 iracing settings

OSW vs. Fanatec Podium DD1? Which one is the best? Thread starter NoOne Start date Sep 12, NoOne 25RPM. Jul 10, 40 5 I'm in the U. I have demoed an Accuforce v2 and it felt great, but i'm wondering if i'm missing anything with the OSW and the soon-to-be-released Podium.

He seemed genuinely unbiased, and in his comments he said he felt the Podium was smoother than the Accuforce and that the OSW was just slightly smoother than the Accuforce and suggested I wait until more reviews and comparisons are released.

Now, this could be due to the fact that Fanatec did not spend too much time tuning up the Accuforce or OSW thus inducing a feeling that the Podium was "smoother". I'm looking for some community feedback to help me with my purchase as I'm wondering if I can just go ahead now and buy the Accuforce with no regrets.Menu Menu.

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fanatec dd1 iracing settings

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May 11, 8, 3, Hi friends, instead of keeping on posting in each thread, i decided to write this short post in order to give to the community the optimal FFB settings. These setting are not based on feeling, but on scientist approach developped by David Tucker.More details about this setting and all of the others below. The upgrade has been fantastic and has yet again increased my love for sim racing.

But that change of hardware did mean I had to change all of my wheel and pedal settings both in-game and on the hardware itself. Affiliate disclaimer : there are some affiliate links in this article.

Fanatec DD1 Review: the last wheelbase that you'll ever need to buy?

Clicking these will not change your shopping experience at all, but buying anything from the linked website after clicking does help support this website for which I am extremely grateful and will keep the content coming.

Before changing any sliders, make sure you complete the Input Calibration wizards by clicking those buttons in the top right Input Calibration box. Only 1 option slider here for Force Factor. If you are using the same pedals as me, the ClubSport Pedals V3, you will have a load cell brake pedal.

Any higher and it will distort your braking input. This is more personal preference, although leaving this setting here and changing force feedback strength on the wheel itself is a better idea. This is asking you for the actual strength of the wheel base.

rFactor 2 – Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base Settings

Telling the sim your wheel is more powerful than it actually is will lead to a fairly confusing driving experience. Both of these are again handled by the wheel itself. One of the things I really enjoy about this wheel is that I can have 5 pre-set setting profiles saved into it. SEN Sensitivity — So now both sides know the rotation of the wheel. FF Force Feedback — This is perhaps the only setting I will tweak on the fly, and it is very much car dependent.

SHo Shock — ABS — All this setting does is start to vibrate the brake pedal when it is pushed by that amount. This is a good setting to change by car to give yourself a tactile reminder the brakes could be locking. When this set between 01 and 05, it enables what feels a lot like power steering which is great for drifting hence the name. However, when set between —05 and —01, this enables the damping effect. FOR Force — This is a force feedback modifier I have never had the need to change since the settings of FF and Drift mode have always got things feeling how I wanted.

This changes the intensity of the force effects in the wheel. I have found a happy medium with Outside of personal preference, these settings will certainly get you on the track and racing quickly and easily.Enjoy it!. Just got to play with the DD1 and the DD2 back to back and as I suspected because they use the same servo when set to the same power levels everything feels exactly the same. This same-ness is actually really good for sharing settings as settings at Same or Similar Specific outputs across unit levels should work pretty directly with similar feel.

That meant that the amount I had to lower the DD2 to match power levels was actually a little greater than originally thought. I have now played with all the filters well at least those that work in iRacing and my setting for either unit are currently they could change as I am still tinkering :. Peak to 14Nm while crashing which is absolutely enough for me.

Normal corner force is around Nm which feels absolutely fine and I dont want any more Torque in corners. Are you on a DD1 or DD If you are on a DD2 then move your slide to about 42 or higher as with the DD2 — 33 is quite high. If you are on a DD1 then I would suggest moving the Strength slider to maybe 40ish which will change the specific output to about. FF on ??? This makes no sense… I tried this with my DD2 and it brakes your arms when driving like this.

That is far too much force and has nothing to do with real forces on the wheel. Hi Marcel. It is config from Brion Sohn, not ours. We wish Fanatec could send us something to review. This can create a vague feel in the steering when set too low. The Damping will help control the wheel over bumps, The lower power levels you run the less damping you need but generally a little is helpful.

With the settings above your Specific Output is around. This will give you more telemetry range for cars meaning less clipping at about the same at the wheel force level as the initial settings. Interesting… I will try the setup with Still figuring out what optimal in-wheel settings should be used I am using the torque key btw. So as far as I understand, Force Feedback value in-wheel has an effect on the overall dynamic range. That tool limits the possibility to decrease forces though more than if settings are used in iracing itself.

I bought ACC for 25euros. I am getting my dd2 by the end of this week. I just found this article. It is stated above that strength setting of 40 is.

So would 80 be ? Why would ratio not be the goal? Is this too high? Just doing research on how to configure my wheel when it arrives.

I will be getting my DD2 by the end of this week. As stated above strength setting of 40 is. Why would not be the goal? I am doing research so I know what settings to use when I receive my wheel base. I am trying to get my head wrapped around the FFB settings. I just tried a test session. It seems that the wheel force setting should be the max Nm that the wheel can output.Log in or Sign up.

Reiza Studios Forum. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Joined: Mar 2, Messages: 18 Likes Received: A collective thread for DD1 and DD2 wheels.

Reiza and Fanatec, do you guys have recommented setting? BrainbugMar 6, Like x 3. Joined: Mar 9, Messages: 16 Likes Received: 1. AndrewMar 6, Here are my favorite settings so far. BETA8 See this as a starting point to tune to your needs your fanatec wheel.

Car dependent. If you run quickly in Area rise up fanatec FF strength. I would guess this is more for gear and belt driven wheels. I tested from defauft 50 to 0, and after liking even 50 I ended right now to 0. I have the impression that while even very low number does help with identify understeering, just 0 give me a better understanding of whats going on at all areas and a better overall feeling.

Fanatec Podium iRacing configuration

Last edited: Mar 28, BrainbugMar 13, Like x 1. Joined: Dec 14, Messages: 16 Likes Received: 2. Anyone else got any ffb settings to try for podium dd2? Interesting that the steering input isn't detected unless I'm in csw 2. And still have no idea what nin, int, and nfr settings to use. Any help would be appreciated. BricktopMar 21, BrainbugMar 21, Ok swapped my rim and now seems to work on dd2 mode was using the original f1 rim one same as carbon but without the carbon wrap so maybe v1?

Anyway swapped for my bmw gt3 rim and now managed to calibrate and run on dd2 mode. Just need to fiddle with ffb. Hmm issues now are shifters aren't working in game but are in calibration menu ffb I guess feels better little hard to say when stuck in first will have to see if I can sort out what's going on another time.

Joined: Mar 3, Messages: 34 Likes Received: 6. Here are my update settings after spending a bit more time with the game.

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