In this article we provide you with the complete list of EMEA countries that make up this region. We not only provide you with the individual countries in this region but we also try to sort and filter the data in a way that will be useful for those who need the information for different purposes.

We will start with an EMEA countries list sorted in alphabetical boss texts. The other ways we filter the data include by population, by GDP, and we break them up into sections for each sub region — Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Most commonly it is used for sales and marketing purposes but it is also used for other aspects of business including production and logistics. The label helps companies to simplify the vast differences in this region and apply similar strategies and budgets to the region.

EMEA is often used when a large company first enters this vast market but later as a company has more resources they may choose to focus more on the sub regions or individual countries within EMEA.

It is also important to note that not all companies agree on which countries are included in EMEA. The trend to search for EMEA countries has risen slightly over the past 5 years from to on Google.

Europe, the Middle East and Africa

It also contains more countries than any of the other regions and arguably covers the most ethnically diverse people groups and languages. When combined the region has around native languages, though a large percent of the region could at least understand English, French, Arabicor Russian.

The total estimated population of the EMEA region is between 2. When looked at as a whole the region is massive in terms of population. Nigeria is the most populous country and Vatican City would is the least populous country in the region. Below is the complete EMEA list sorted by population. Interestingly, EMEA also contains both the richest and poorest countries per capita in the world.

Some of the popular sub-regions of EMEA that are used for business are listed below. This is by no means a complete list of every possible sub region but it is a good representation of the bigger sub regions. The reason for the hip roof calculator is that these countries share a similar predominately Arab culture and its common to approach this region with a single marketing strategy that works for all countries in the region.

World Economic Outlook Database. Arabic Countries List. MEA Region Countries. Contact Us Facebook.The acronym is used by institutions and governments, as well as in marketing and business when referring to this region: it is a shorthand way of referencing the two continents Africa and Europe and the Middle Eastern sub-continent all at once.

It is particularly common among North American companies, and it is mostly used when dividing a company's operations by geography. As the name suggests, the region includes all of the countries found on the continents of Africa and Europe, as well as the countries that make up the Middle East.

The region is generally accepted to include all European nations and all African nations, and extends east to Iranincluding Russia. It may also include Kazakhstanbut typically the acronym does not include independent overseas territories of mainland countries in the region, such as French Guiana. However, the term is not completely clear, and while it usually refers to Europe, the Middle East and Africa, it is not uncommon for business and other institutions to slightly tweak the countries they include under this umbrella term.

One of the reasons why the term is vastly used is because it is useful for business purposes, as most of the region falls within four time zoneswhich facilitates communication and travel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the synonym of the moth genus, see Emea moth. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


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List of EMEA Countries – 2020 Update

This business-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This article about geography terminology is a stub.It is the third most populous city in Turkeyafter Istanbul and Ankaraand the second largest urban agglomeration on the Aegean Sea after AthensGreece.

Inthe city of İzmir had a population of 2, while İzmir Province had a total population of 4, Smyrna has more than 3, years of recorded urban historyand up to 8, years of history as a human settlement since the Neolithic period.

Lying on an advantageous location at the head of a gulf running down in a deep indentation, midway along the western Anatolian coast, it has been one of the principal mercantile cities of the Mediterranean Sea for much of its history. The city participated in Climathon in The city of İzmir is composed of several metropolitan districts.

Of these, the district of Konak corresponds to historical İzmir, with this district's area having constituted the city's central "İzmir Municipality" Turkish: İzmir Belediyesi until İzmir has over years of recorded urban history and up to years of history as a human settlement since the Neolithic period. Set in an advantageous location at the head of a gulf in a deep indentation midway along the western Anatolian coast, the city has been one of the principal mercantile cities of the Mediterranean Sea for much of its history.

When the Ottomans took over İzmir in the 15th century, they did not inherit compelling historical memories, unlike the two other key points of the trade network, namely Istanbul and Aleppo. The emergence of İzmir as a major international port by the 17th century was largely a result of the attraction it exercised over foreigners, and the city's European orientation. Izmir's port is Turkey's primary port for exports in terms of the freight handled and its free zonea Turkish-U.

The workforce, and particularly its rising class of young professionals, is concentrated either in the city or in its immediate vicinity such as in Manisa and Turgutluand as either larger companies or SMEsaffirm their names with an increasingly wider global scale and intensity. The region of İzmir was situated on the southern fringes of the Yortan culture in Anatolia's prehistory, knowledge of which is almost entirely drawn from its cemeteries.

Some would see in the city's name a reference to the name of an Amazon called Smyrna said to have seduced Theseusleading him to name the city in her honor. In English, the city was called Smyrna into the 20th century. Izmir sometimes İzmir was adopted in English and most foreign languages after Turkey adopted the Latin alphabet in and urged other countries to use the city's Turkish name.

The city is one of the oldest settlements of the Mediterranean basin. Level 2 bears traces of early to mid- Chalcolithicand Level 3 of Neolithic settlements. These two levels would have been inhabited by the indigenous peoples of the area, very roughly, between 7th millennium BC to 4th millennium BC. As the seashore receded with time, the site was later used as a cemetery.

Several graves containing artifacts dating roughly from BC, and contemporary with the first city of Troywere found. The first settlement to have commanded the Gulf of İzmir as a whole was established on top of Mount Yamanlarto the northeast of the inner gulf.

At the dawn of İzmir's recorded history, Pausanias describes "evident tokens" such as "a port called after the name of Tantalus and a sepulchre of him by no means obscure", corresponding to the city's area and which have been tentatively located to date.

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