Kptcl internship report

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Kiran Raj. Since its establishment, it has expended its network to great extent. Strong and efficient telecom sector is the basic requirements of any country. One of these companies is PTCL. No one can deny the role of PTCL to survive in the current scenario of the world.

Globalization, industrialization and technological advancement are very necessary to speed up in fast lane. For Flexible economy there must be a Flexible Telecom organization working in flexible and independent way. The report aims at appraising the working of PTCL, its functions and operation and also attempts to assess its performance.

Certain recommendations are presented for the potential areas of improvement. Also I devote the work of this internship report to respectable and honorable teachers who taught and supported me in developing my personality as a competent professional. Secondly, I am great full to my worthy and devoted teacher Director Syed Farman Ali SM finance for providing me the Opportunity of doing internship in PTCL as well as for providing me the necessary information regarding the internship.

I would like to express my special gratitude towards my parents for their cooperation and encouragement in completion of this report. Thanks to PTCL finance department team for giving me such attention and time. My appreciation also goes to my friends who helped me in developing my internship report. The sole intention is to disseminate with the realistic manipulation of the organization.

How they structure there day to day operations, there transactions, and what type of strategies they apply for their organization to achieve their goals. About the project, in the first phase of the report there is the general introduction, history and management about the company and then different terms have been explained, then the mission, values, different services and different strategies of the organization have been explained.

It is discussed about the sap programme and its use in PTCL, and the organizational hierarchy is explained. In the next part, my internship work in PTCL finance department is explained; financial analysis and SWOT analysis of the firm have been done by the help of which we identified that what are the strong areas of the company and where it lacks so that it can improve.

The source of my information for the preparation of this report also includes the written notes, literatures and verbal discussion with staff members and my fellows.

kptcl internship report

The information contained in this report is based on my personal observations, practicle working and interviews with the staff during my internship period. No Contents Page No. The importance of internship is due to the fact that it provides an opportunity that the students to apply their theoretical concept into practices.

Final Internship Report on Ptcl

The company maintains a leading spot in Pakistan as infrastructure provider to other telecom operators and corporate customers of the country.

Such as ; Budget, Revenue, Accounts, Recovery. I used Primary data, as well as secondary data for completing the task of report writing about my internship. Some of the methods I used are discussed below 1. Self-observations 2. Discussions with officers 3. Discussion with senior students 1.This PTCL Internship program is very beneficial for the students in sense that they will get an excellent opportunity to learn and get professional development.

This internship will be a six-week program and the last date to apply in recent month. This program start in and there are total internee were selected that has done internship for the whole year in PTCL and in response they get 10, stipend per month. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is a private organization now so the candidates will be selected total on the Merit basis as both male and female candidates will get equal opportunity to capture this internship program.

In PTCL is also repeated internship program and again offering the same internship for the next youth, energetic and talented fresh educated students who do not have any experience in working in a professional way with any organization. Last Date — June, July Here is the complete information is given which you need to know before applying for the PTCL paid internship program. In previous session application received to the PTCL internship program from all over the Pakistan.

You are provided with challenging tasks and feedback upon your performance that helps you explore your skills and align them with your future aspirations. Assalam o alaikum Sir I want to apply for internship.

PTCL launches its Flagship Summer Internship Program 2019

When I log in for online apply. Error aajata h, sir plz guide krain kesy apply krskty hain. Please mention the last date to apply for ptcl internship and also clarify the process how we can apply online. I want intern ship of 6 month. I have done recently b. I humble request for give me a chance 6 month internship. Thank you. Thank you. I have done graduation b. Why that page gives me application error. It gives error when i press submit button so in case i cant apply online.

Submit Comment. Maryam Jul Sir, I am trying to login but there is error please give alternative to apply, thanks.Every applicant who undergoes the assessment center also receives a Customized Individual Assessment Center Report, which helps the young talent to know their strong and weak areas as a professional.

It also acts as a feedback tool for identifying their areas of improvement and their future development. More than applicants went through the rigorous process and 25 have been selected for this program.

During the internship duration, the Experians will be working on real-time business projects. We look forward to provide them with a great learning experience at PTCL. I believe that the future of Pakistan depends on the grooming our young talent into future leaders.

We have made concerted efforts as an organization at PTCL to embrace change and open doors to the best talent available in the country. We have evolved steadily and transformed into a digitally savvy organization and are moving in the right direction.

Being a national company, PTCL believes in providing a diverse, progressive and enabling environment for the youth to develop their talent. Customer's Area. Your Feedback. At PTCL, the customer comes first. We are always delighted to hear from you, anytime of the day. Coverage Area. PTCL coverage network throughout Pakistan.

My Account.The potential of this growth is visible to me as it is about the human capital we have in the form of talented and experienced employees. I am proud of my fellow colleagues who have been leading the market so far and have been adapting to changing technological advancements.


After the deregulation in the telecom sector of Pakistan, PTCL is now again ready to face new challenges in a competitive environment. We are poised to retain our leadership position by giving PTCL a new and improved look.

kptcl internship report

Page 3. Promising you the best of our services, at all times. In fact, for the students of M. The two months internship is a golden chance to develop the capability and skill of administration and management in the practical environment of different organizations.

This report shows and will guide the readers to have an idea about maintain accounts, its operations and the practices followed today in Pakistan. My reasons for doing the internship program in PTCL is to get first hand knowledge about maintain accounts and improve my business life, because PTCL is the best organization indeed.

I tried to remain to the point, in writing the report.

kptcl internship report

So I have tried my best to learn a lot about accounts because it relates with financial activities. I have made all possible efforts to summaries the broad history and working of the organization. This work is a collection of my observations and experience during the internship period and afterward.

The sources of my information for the preparation of this report also include the written notes, literature on banking, verbal discussion with staff members, senior students and my fellows. Internship Program is a conventional constituent is part of total spectrum of M.

The information contained in the report is based on my personal observation, practical working and interviews with the staff during my internship training. No words can adequately express my overriding debt of gratitude to my parents whose support helps me in all the way. Above all I shall thank my friends who constantly encouraged and blessed me so enable me to do this work successfully.

Acknowledgements In the name of Allah, who gave me ability and strength to complete my internship. I owe considerable debt to large number of persons who either directly or indirectly helped me during various phases of internship. It was a new experience, exciting but challenging and indeed guidance rather frequently, which was afford very generously.

My special thanks to Miss Imrana Asad for her guidance and support during my internship report preparation. In PTCL I am grateful to all the staff members for providing me an opportunity to work in the organization at the style and speed of my convenience. I also wish to record my gratitude for the following staff members for transforming my theoretical knowledge in practical understanding, despite their heavy commitments they always found time to answers my questions, resolve queries and never ran out of patience.

Executive Summary By the grace of almighty God, I have successfully completed my 8 weeks internship as per requirement of M. I feel my self-lucky to have worked with such a cooperative, dedicated, result-oriented team. They all helped me in every possible way they can. With employee strength of 30, and 5. The company maintains a leading position in Pakistan as an infrastructure provider to other telecom operators and corporate customers of the country.This report is all about the 6 week summer internship offered by Pakistan.

A brief history and information of the organization is also included. The reasons may include medical or educational purpose. Tx is the process of sending and propagating an analogue or digital information signal over a physical point-to-point or point-to-multipoint transmission medium, either inrernship, optical fiber or wireless. Analysis During the internship period, I reportt that there were not enough engineers to train internees.

Optical fiber systems are more secure than copper wires. It will provide a platform for the creation, dissemination and exchange of knowledge and expertise in all areas of telecom and IT to internal and external stakeholders. This ratio shows the firm frofatibilty on assets side. In operating on a day-to-day basis under the terms of the labor agreement, line supervision often finds frequently occasion to consult the H. We would like to take this opportunity to repory all our workers and employees especially those who are working in the field and assure them that the management is fully aware of their dedication and hard work and appreciates their performance and want to make them more skillful and improve their expertise through different trainings.

As the company is public dealing entity so the workplace training is the integral factor for the good prcl and the status of the policies and services of the company. PTCL Pakistan telecommunication co. Your referees must be able to comment upon your kn employment and your recent work performance in relation to the selection criteria. The HR department at regional level operates with the employee salary imbursement matters by using different SAP modules.

International tariff means international business with the whole world i. Today, many organizations have staffs of people trained in mathematical analysis, computers, and management information systems.

PTCL allows customers to come in and rent an immersive Tele presence studio on hourly basis, without having to invest in the repot technology. Internshio packet switched network does not require a dedicated path. Human Resource Department of the company also deals with the transfer of the employees because the Human Resource Department knows the demands of the job and the right person is employed over the right place by transferring him to that post.

The internship was in the following departments: We sincerely hope that they will reciprocate the same gesture and will put in their best efforts towards taking PTCL on the path to success and glory. This ratio shows that how efficient the opratios are handeled. It monitors the performance offline department and other staff departments to ensure that they conform to established personnel policy, procedures, and practices.

Industrial hygienists are employed to i identify and control such hazards to health. A for the employees, then management must bargain with it in regard to wages, rate of pay, hours ihternship work, and other conditions of employment.To browse Academia.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Ardhendu Pal. It provides turnkey engineering solution for entire power plant, procurement and construction services to all the three segments of power sector namely generation, transmission and distribution using captively developed software for design in accordance with national and international codes, standards and practices. The company has been a leader in its areas of activities having adopted state-of- the-art Technology in the form of Computerised Engineering Services, Mechanised Field Operations, High Standards of Quality Management backed by strong human resources and resourceful financing.

The switching and fault protection are broadly done using GIS technology; which requires very less amount of space and maintenance cost. It also gives much better reliability for long period of time.

The site is easily approachable by highways and railways vapi. The site is geographically situated between two hv grids and it is a fairly plane land 3. The site is on the bank of river Daman Ganga ,so water is easily available for constructional work.

This riverside land is slightly inclined. This solves water logging problemduring rainy season.

PTCL Internship Program 2020 For Six Weeks Apply Online Last Date

The selected site has scope for future expansion. The site is far away from residential area. This permits safe approach of EHV lines. Earthing ckt.

Feeder ckt. Switching ckt. Transformer ckt. AC power supply ckt. DC power supply ckt. Control cable ckt. Earthing circuit:- Earthing is necessary for a substation for safe disposal of fault current, current due to lightening.

Thus it saves equipments from damages and operating personnel from getting shock.Awais Khan, Mr. Waqas Ali, Mr. SaboorMr. Akhtar, Mr. Muhammad Farhan. Executive Summary This report has been written to fulfill. It has enabled me to understand the practical scenario and sharpen our. Ptcl Internship Report Words 15 Pages. Each user operates independently with no knowledge of the other users. Thus, not only all users in the same cell share all the time-frequency degrees of freedom, so do the users in different cells.

Each Cell contains a base station which communicates with the mobiles in the cells. There are two types of transmission downstream and upstream. The transmission from the base station to the mobile is called downs stream, forward link or downlinks.

Reflecting on My Internship Experience

While the transmission from the mobile to base station is referred to as upstream, reverse link or uplink. There are certain terminologies associated with the Mobile Communication, which is given below with the Brief description to understand how the communication is actually done.

kptcl internship report

The BTS transmit and receive signals realizing the communication between radio system and Mobile Station. It controls the Call connection and disconnection. It deals with the mobility management; it deals with the. Show More. Read More. Popular Essays. Open Document.

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